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JCS Athlete Registration



Only complete if your student-athlete has never participated in JCS Athletics.  This registration is completed one time per student during their time at JCS.  This is NOT part of eligibility, but registration to be in the database for Roster Placement at the conclusion of tryouts and to receive notifications on Game Updates throughout the season.  


This registration is for all JCS enrolled Families who have students participating in interscholastic sports at JCS for the first time.   We will be utilizing this platform, to not only maintain our website, but to communicate game changes, tryouts, team communication and so much more!  

A helpful product to download will be the SportsEngine App.  You'll be able to search for your favorite JCS sports teams, favorite them and receive notification of any news or game changes.  

Steps for Registration: 
Step 1: Create an Account as the Parent
Step 2: Once you confirm your email, login is as a user
Step 3: Once logged in, it will ask you to register your athlete(s)


We are looking forward to a great year of Athletics! 


-JCS Athletic Department-


Please direct questions to:

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Administrative Assistant to Athletics