Jupiter Christian Athletics

Revised Season - Soccer and Basketball


Revised Season: MS Soccer and MS Basketball

MS Girl's Soccer:  The season will consist of two teams playing futsal coached by Coach Minicucci and Coach Carley.  They will meet for skills lessons on Tuesday and compete against each other on Thursdays.  


MS Boy's Basketball:  Coached my Coach LaRoche and Coach Zicaro, the teams will practice two days a week and compete in a game on a third day.  


There is now an overlap of sports between the ones listed above and our spring sports. For those of you with sons and/or daughters that also wish to play a spring sport, they will need to decide which sport they would like to play.  If your student still wishes to play Girl's Soccer and Boy's Basketball, please make their decision known by completing this sign-up.


All eligibility MUST be completed and submitted to the athletic office prior to any type of athletic participation.  If your athlete participated in a fall sport, than their eligibility is up to date and this sign-up is the only thing required.  Please keep in mind, not everyone submitted a new Sports Physical and may need to update their child's at some point during the season - please check with the Athletic Office if you aren't sure. 


The confirmation receipt at the end of the registration will contain the links for required eligibility that must be completed prior to participation.  


Please direct questions to:

Michelle Williams

Administrative Assistant to Athletics